About Us

We are Sister Sheri and Sister Shanel, a mother-daughter Christian ministry team, striving to keep our focus on our Beloved, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, in these end-times last days. We are here to glorify and serve Him by serving others; we also offer online Bible studies and lessons for spiritual enrichment and edification.

If you would like a copy of the King James Bible, need prayer, or another type of assistance, please let us know.


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Sister Sheri has a degree in Web Design & Development and a background in business, bookkeeping, commercial printing, and graphic design. In March 2018, she attended the Divine Healing Technician Training with Curry Blake and is currently studying at the Dominion Bible Institute.

Sister Shanel is an ordained minister, has degrees sister shanelinĀ Professional Writing and Liberal Studies, and has completed graduate-level coursework in Christian theology.

Both Sisters Sheri and Shanel have been Christians for a combination of more than eight decades and have served in several Christian churches and ministries in the areas of helps, evangelism, worship/music, and media.

Hammer2Hammer & Honey is currently located in Plano, TX.