Pink Paradise or Bust!

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I think I may have unknowingly stumbled upon an interesting strategy for confronting sin:

I got into an online snit with a female (or what I think was a female) about—what else?—LGBT rights. When I brought up the fact that stores/companies, organizations, governmental agencies, etc., do not fight for the rights of Blacks, who are still suffering in the U.S. and globally, at all or nearly as fiercely as they fight for LGBT, she was left speechless.

I thought this was an interesting turn of events. It just confirmed what I have been saying all along:

No one can argue that absolutely anyone—no company, organization, government agency, etc.—is fighting for the rights of African Americans (#ADOS) nearly as fiercely as they’re fighting for the rights of LGBT. They are not flying a Black empowerment flag over U.S. embassies; they are flying Pride flags over U.S. embassies, even though Blacks are the ones who built this country with, literally, our blood, sweat, and tears.

Throughout history, an individual could hide the fact that he/she was LGBT; it was much more difficult to hide the fact that one had black ancestry: A white, gay man or woman still had more protection in the U.S. (and probably globally) than a black individual, gay or straight.

Whether we are dealing with this from a Christian or secular perspective, I want someone to show me how/where companies and governmental organizations are fighting for Blacks as fiercely as they are fighting for LGBT. I want them to show me how/where LGBT have suffered as horrifically as Blacks have suffered (show me documentation of mass lynchings, burnings, murders, persecutions, etc.—to the same degree and on the same level as Blacks—of LGBT in the U.S. and abroad).


No one deserves redress and reparation more than or before African-American descendants of slaves, period, full stop.

That statement does not even need repeating or clarification.

If the LGBT community deserves to be redressed, repaired, and celebrated, how much more so the African-American community? Interestingly, I’ve seen tons of companies (,,,,,,, etc.) adjusting their logos and marketing with a rainbow this month, but I have not seen these same companies adjusting their logos and marketing during Black History Month.

Whether we are dealing with this from a Christian or secular perspective, the LGBT community needs to get in line: No group should be celebrated or fought for until African Americans are made whole, period, full stop!

If the LGBT community is being uplifted and empowered, these companies, organizations, and governmental agencies need to explain why the LGBT community deserves uplifting and empowering more than and before the Black community.

Finally, I’m still saying what I have been saying all along: We are all sinners (homosexuals, fornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves, etc.) in need of a savior, the Lord God, Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:21, KJV).


One thought on “Pink Paradise or Bust!

  1. Either WordPress and/or Google has implemented some sort of trickery in the algorithm, which has blocked this post in searches, so I’ve had to rename and repost it several times—how’s that for Black equality?—but the pink mafia is supposedly the most oppressed group on the planet!

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