Putting Our Wallets Where Our Big Mouths Are!

money cannon

When it comes to combating the evil in this world, the solution often seems quite simple to me: stop spending money on those companies and institutions that support evil.

Simple as that!

One of the primary reasons my mother and I decided to no longer subscribe to a cable television service was because every time we watched television, we felt as though we were being assaulted by smut (even in the commercials!). We felt it was ridiculous that we were paying a monthly fee to regularly see Christ and Christianity mocked, slandered, and disregarded.

I know many Christians who seem to be “on fire for Jesus,” yet they regularly shop at Target, grab coffee from Starbucks, watch Hollywood blockbusters, wear designer clothing, and so on and so forth.

I recently stopped following a conservative YouTuber (I think he may have been a Christian) because his hypocrisy—or perhaps his cognitive dissonance—was insanely frustrating: In one video, he would complain about all of the ungodly, liberal agendas being pushed; in the next video, he would rave about the latest Hollywood-produced Marvel film.

Recently, I had to get on my mom because, while at my sister’s house, she purchased cookies from a girl scout who came to her door. She was unaware of, or had forgotten about, the Girl Scouts’ ardent support of Planned Parenthood.

I often wonder how much we, as Christians, could truly accomplish if we dug in our heels and seriously started holding back our monies from the companies and organizations that are so actively hostile toward our faith and supportive of agendas against our faith.

I realize that this can only be accomplished to an extent: We all need food/groceries and even Walmart, which is sometimes the only supermarket in the area, is anti-Christian in its policies, but truly we can do better than we have been doing.

Imagine what would happen if every Christian stopped watching NFL football, going to NFL football games, buying NFL merchandise, etc. Instead, the very opposite happens: Christian churches cancel services to accommodate the viewing of NFL games!

No matter how much these companies, organizations, and institutions continue to disrespect us, the Christ we worship, and the Holy Bible we follow, we continue to buy their products, watch their movies and programs, support them—and we wonder why the world is running roughshod over us!

I am not talking merely about a boycott or petition. I am talking about drastic lifestyle changes.

We need to become smarter, as consumers.

Money is one of the few languages that this world understands and they will not listen to Christians until Christians force them to start listening.

Does the battle begin on our knees, in prayer? Absolutely! But faith without works is dead (James 2:20)! Instead of sitting around sighing and feeling overwhelmed by the darkness surrounding us, we need to start being more strategic about where we spend (and do not spend) our money.

Our money belongs to God (Haggai 2:8)! We should worship the Lord Jesus Christ with our money and one of the ways that we do this, I believe, is by not giving money to those who hate and fight against Him!

Again, I realize that this is an effort that takes research and time; it may take time to find alternatives (for banking, groceries, technology, etc.) and sometimes an alternative may not be possible. But we can do better than we have been doing.

If money talks, let’s start using our wallets to shout, Christians!

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