Former Bad Girl!

A few years ago, a ministry–I think it was called Passion for Christ Ministries–put out some very bold t-shirts. Those t-shirts had various Ex- messages printed upon them (such as Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Masturbator, Ex-Atheist, etc.); the t-shirts were designed to declare the positive change that Christ can produce in one’s life. Of course the media ridiculed the shirts and the church/ministry that produced them, but I thought it was a very cool and bold idea.

ex shirts

Anyway, I stumbled upon an old graphic I created a few years ago–if memory serves me correctly, I think these shirts were the inspiration for the graphic.

Former Bad Girl poster

Former Bad Girl

Anyway, seeing the graphic was a fun blast from the past and it is cool to think of how radically Christ can change us (for the better!).

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